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PhilipBitar.com - Overview - Highlights


Establishes that knowledge is the result of reason applied to experience; characterizes the content of knowledge and defines absolute knowledge

Explains meaning of the Gödel theorem and the Turing halting theorem; reinterprets them

Proves that an object or event in spacetime must be represented by a probability distribution


Proves that reality is indeterministic and that humans are responsible for their decisions, thereby showing that the indeterminism of quantum theory is rational and intuitive

Presents proof of God's existence, showing that both theism and atheism are rational, and that bare theism vs. bare atheism has nothing to do with cultural values or ethical values


Proves that the following are irrational:

Heaven-hell dichotomy, sinlessness, traditional divine incarnation, traditional divine revelation

Identifies the message of Jesus as an open-ended call to personal ethics and altruism

Devises a dating model for the gospels, under which the bulk of the synoptic material is substantially earlier, and hence more reliable, than it is under the conventional dating model

Ethics, Commerce, Government

Establishes a theory of ethics based on reason, not religion; shows that ethics is the basis of commerce; proves that competitive commerce is the basis for maximizing economic welfare

Establishes that government is a necessary monopoly and that, as a result, democracy is an economic necessity; shows that burgeoning bureaucracy and taxes are due to an improper structure for a democracy; shows that the role of government decreases as society matures

Establishes a rational scheme of taxation based on the theory of commerce and government

Proves that secession is legal in American law, that it was used by the founders, and that on both theoretical and practical grounds a secession article should have been in the constitution

Analyzes the Dred Scott ruling and Lincoln's first inaugural address; devises an ideal inaugural address, thereby establishing a new research paradigm on the cause of the Civil War

To address the threat that Islam poses to civilization, proposes a constitutional amendment to establish a new, fundamental, universal right: freedom from retribution for apostasy


Proves that mortality is necessary for meaning; establishes what we can know about afterlife

Establishes the meaning of human life:

Balancing the tradeoff between egoism and altruism in the context of human mortality

Devises a calendar system that is simple and exact, never losing synchronization with the seasons; devises a new system for global time reckoning and a rational dating system