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PhilipBitar.com - Critics - Apostle Paul

Apostle Paul
Author of Traditional Christianity, about 40-60 CE

Wait a minute, now. All you have to do is read the gospels to see that Jesus taught the concepts of heaven and hell: when you die, you go to one place or the other according to the judgment of God. I merely clarified that the death of Christ has to be all-or-none: either it saves us by itself or else it doesn’t do any good at all. Now Bitar comes along and claims that on the basis of a theory as to what constitutes mathematic and scientific knowledge, he can prove that afterlife is rational and does not consist of the dichotomy of heaven and hell. Well, hip-hip-hurrah — Pythagoras will be delighted to hear this.

To add insult to injury, Bitar claims that Jesus actually taught salvation by works, not salvation by grace, but in teaching salvation by works, Jesus presented an open-ended call to live by the highest standards of personal ethics and altruism — a call that cannot be satisfied. As an example, he cites the parable of the Samaritan. But that’s where my doctrine comes in — to clarify that salvation must be by grace through faith because you can’t do enough works! Bitar even says that you don’t need to believe in God in order to establish ethical values, and he goes on to develop an ethical theory based on rational principles that an atheist can accept.

I sincerely recommend that you do not buy Bitar’s book and that you do not read it. If your spirit is weak, the book may lead you astray. Instead, read my letters in the New Testament to get the truth about God, Jesus, life, death, and ethical values. Trust me: if you read my letters, you can’t go wrong. But if you read Bitar’s book…well…you just might end up in the same place as Pythagoras.