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PhilipBitar.com - Critics - Martin Luther

Martin Luther
Author of Protestant Christianity, 1517

I’m in with Paul on this one. After all, his letters are in the Bible, and the Bible is divine revelation. How do I know this? Because we got the Bible from…from…from the church of the Antichrist, but — hold your tongue! — they collected the books of the Bible back in the good old days.

Bitar does say that Protestantism provided the basis for Christians to awaken to the modern age of competitive commerce, free inquiry, and democracy. So I’m glad to see that Bitar thinks that the ruckus I stirred up was worth something, after all. Still, you’re wasting your money to buy Bitar’s book. Do yourself a favor and buy my translation of the Bible instead. No bookshelf should be without it — even if you can’t read German!