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PhilipBitar.com - Critics - Abraham Lincoln

Honest Abe
Author of the War Against Confederate Independence, 1861-1865

I had some doozies in spats with my petulant Mary, but none of them could hold a candle to the squabble with those southern aristocrats. Iíll take a tussle with a woman any day to another duel like that. The problem was the Declaration of Independence by that idealistic Jefferson. He gave those self-righteous snobs a bona fide argument to secede, just like the American colonies seceded from Britain. But damned if I was going to stand by and let the country split into two nations, whatever the Declaration says. Well, I finally brought them to their knees, and, to boot, I ended up on a throne in the capital. Talk about making King George jealous!

Bitarís analysis of the cause of the war sounds credible. But, look here, now. Donít get any big ideas about doing away with the Lincoln Memorial. Even though I did nullify the Declaration of Independence, I got rid of slavery in the process, and that counts for something, doesnít it ó even if I didnít intend it?