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PhilipBitar.com - Critics - Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson
Author of the Declaration of Independence, 1776

Iíve been turning over and over in my coffin for about 200 years, now, so that Iíve worn the bottom out! The democracy that I helped to found has become a monster. The government robs the people cold with a merciless income tax, something we never dreamed of in our worst nightmares. Sale tax yes, but not income tax, of all things. Itís no wonder, though ó so many of the people elected to the government are, as I feared, looking for a lifetime tenure in perks and power, and they get elected by promising perks to the voters. How disgusting. But someone, at last, has a solution based on fundamental principles.

Bitar establishes the fundamental principles of commerce, one of which is the concept of necessary monopoly. A government is a business that is a necessary monopoly, so it should be structured and managed accordingly. Once this is done, the heyday of tax-and-spend politicians will come to an end. Furthermore, since a monopoly suffers from lack of competition, a government should be limited to activities that are, of necessity, monopolistic. As a result, the educational system should be private, a conclusion that I agree with in view of Bitarís theory of government. Bitar also shows how the Supreme Court and the presidential election procedure should be reformed.

I urge you to put Bitarís proposals into practice now. Itís the next best thing to rerunning history and this time around giving me a chance to sail home from France to attend the constitutional convention! In fact, it might even be better.