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PhilipBitar.com - Critics - God

Author of the Universe, 15 billion years ago

Itís about time! Iíve had a mind to get even with atheists one of these days, but Iíve been patiently holding off. Now someone has finally come along and proven that I exist. No kidding! I couldnít believe it either, but Bitar did it, fair and square. Talk about making a guy feel good! I canít say too much in favor of buying Bitarís book, even if it is pricey. As they say, you get what you pay for. It's got more pages than Iíll ever have time to read, but itís the best organized book Iíve ever seen, so I could quickly find the proof that I wanted to read.

Now, have people been claiming that you donít exist? Bitar might be able to come up with a proof for you, too. So take my advice: contact Bitar before it gets any worse. I speak from experience: when enough people go around saying that you donít exist, after a while you get to wondering about it yourself.