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PhilipBitar.com - Critics - Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin
Author of On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, 1859

I lost my belief in religion due to my theory of natural selection, so donít anyone make a religion out of my theory! As Bitar argues, ease up and give the masses time to absorb what I got right while scientists have time to correct what I got wrong. From the way that some of you are crusading for evolution, one would think that some great harm would come to civilization if not everyone is willing to kneel before the new god. Besides, the way that some people are interpreting my theory, it sounds as if the emergence of humans was a curse on the planet and that humans would be better off if they lived like animals. It seems to me that we ought to know better than that ó but, then again, maybe natural selection hasnít yet weeded out all the duds.