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PhilipBitar.com - Contact

Book content

content @ philipbitar.com

Please use this address to privately discuss the book or video content with me. I will post an occasional message, along with my reply, to a forum if I feel that doing so will significantly clarify or augment the book content and will thereby assist readers in understanding the respective issues. If I wish to post your message, before doing so, I'll ask whether you wish to be identified or not.

If you wish to engage in a public discussion with me, join the meetup group Why human life makes sense and start a discussion there, or else start the discussion on the amazon.com page and then notify me at this address.

Typographical errors

typos @ philipbitar.com

Please use this address to notify me of typographical errors and of suggestions for improvement in diction. I strive to express every concept as clearly as possible, so if you think that I could improve some expression or explanation, please let me know. Improvements will appear in the unabridged version, and if warranted, I'll post an improvement under the revisions menu for use by current readers. Keep in mind the statement about abridgment adjustments on the abridgment page.

Public relations

pr @ philipbitar.com

Please use this address to arrange for an interview or for a public presentation or to request permission to reproduce portions of the book for a case that is not already covered under Rights granted on the Copyright page. Also use this address to contact me for miscellaneous purposes.

Website issues

webmaster @ philipbitar.com